WMS Downloader easily download map tiles from Web Map Services (WMS)

We are happy to release the next version of the WMS Downloader – a simple, easy-to-use yet full-featured tool that allows you to connect to Web Map Services (WMS) and download map tiles to your local drive for future off-line use.

Off-line Mode

Download WMS layers use your data, even when you are in the off-line mode.

Faster Performance

Local WMS layers will improve the display performance of your map projects and save your time!

Data Archive

Archived WMS layers ensures that you will have access to data even if the WMS service is off.

High Quality

Downloaded WMS tiles help to create maps in higher resolutions, which results in better quality.

ArcMap – basic usage:

ArcMap – multiple tiles:

Main Features:

Simple To Use

Simply connect to a WMS server, select layers for downloading from a list, define the extent, scale and projection and click Download!

Scale Control

Take control over the scale at which you are displaying WMS data. You may download WMS tiles at a predefined scale and use them at any scale you want. Be aware that not all data shall be used at all scales – use it wisely!

Automatic Tiling

WMS Downloader features an advanced algorithm for tiling the area of interest – you don’t need to worry about this. Simply set the scale at which you want to download WMS service and set the bounding box extent. Tiles will be generated with a default 2000×2000 size, but you can easily define your own tile size as well.

Geographic and Projected Coordinates

Bounding Box for the area of interest can be specified in both Geographic and Projected coordinates, depending on you Spatial Reference System selected.

Advanced Mode

In the Advanced Mode you may preview the GetCapabilities document and set download settings, such as Wait Time (between downloading tiles) and Try Count value (number of attempts the tool will try to download each tile).

WMS Server List

Add you favourite WMS servers to the list and gain an easy access for future use.

All WMS Versions support

WMS Downloader supports Web Map Services in 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.3.0 versions. We have put a lot of effort to handle all possible non-standard WMS services to make sure all WMS services can be consumed by WMS Downloader. However, if you find a WMS service does not work in WMS Downloader – let us know.

One license – two products – always newest version

Application is available as a Windows standalone app (Advanced version only) and ArcGis Addin (Simple and Advanced modes). Please check the Youtube channel video tutorials for more information. You can always use newest app version as long as your license is valid.




WMS Downloader - Main Window WMS Downloader – Main Window (Advanced)


PreviewWindow_IDEETopoSample WMS Downloader – Preview Window