WMS Downloader Manual

Click here to download the WMS Downloader manual in PDF.



Q: All downloaded tiles are empty (white). What should I do?

A: There might be several reasons for empty WMS tiles:

  1. You may need to check “Swap XY” option (this might be the case, e.g. when you are downloading tiles from Web Map Service in ver. 1.3.0 in projected coordinate system which has swapped axis order).
  2. WMS layer you want to download is scale-dependent and does not support the scale you have chosen. Make sure the selected layer supports given scale (use Advanced mode and check Get Capabilities metadata) or try to download tiles in different scale.
  3. No data is available for a given extent. Make sure the WMS service is serving data for a given area.

In any case, try to use Advanced mode and click on “Preview” button before downloading.


Q: Which SRS (Spatial Reference System) shall I use?

A: WMS Downloader allows you to download map tiles in any SRS supported by the selected WMS layer. However, it is recommended to use WGS84 (EPSG: 4326), which is the most commonly used SRS globally.


Q: Downloaded map tiles are misplaced when added to ArcMap.

A: Make sure your ArcMap project uses the same SRS you have used for downloading map tiles, or use ArcToolbox à Define Projection tool to assign appropriate SRS to downloaded tiles.